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xelix-utils is a small collection of tools that supplant the functionality provided by GNU packages like coreutils. It’s essentially the Xelix equivalent of util-linux.


PID 1. Mounts /dev/ide1p1 to /boot and launches services. Service definitions are located in /etc/init.d and take the format of


Services are automatically restarted if they exit. There is currently no way to manually start/stop services.

mount / umount

View currently mounted file systems and mount/unmount new ones. Equivalent to the BSD/Linux utilities of the same name.


Reads and formats the kernel log from /sys/log, then prints it. Equivalent to the BSD/Linux utility of the same name.


Trace syscalls invoked by a program. Use by prefixing it before the program to be run, like strace ls /usr/bin.


Prints system uptime. Does not include system load as on BSD/Linux, as there is currently no tracking of system load.


Prints currently running tasks and their program state.


A very barebones telnet server. Does not implement the telnet protocol properly, so it’s best to just connect using using netcat: nc <ip> 23.

It mostly serves as a demonstration of Xelix’s networking capabilties and will be removed once the ported SSH daemon from dropbear has become more stable.


A simple CLI player for FLAC audio files using libFLAC. This mostly serves as a demonstration for the AC97 sound chip driver and will be replaced by a more generic solution using the existing ffmpeg port at some later point.

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